ASB NYC Performing Arts 2014 Evaluation

Thank you all for your participation in the Alternative Spring Break: NYC Performing Arts.  Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey as it will greatly help us in further developing this program.


ASB NYC: Performing Arts
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeither Agree Nor DisagreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
1. After participating in the ASB program, I am confident that I can name new artists, venues, and methods of performance (ones I was not aware of prior to the ASB)
2. I will continue to explore the venues visited during the ASB as well as seek out new ones
3. From the observations of artists and work I made while on the ASB Program, I have developed (and will continue to develop) new tools/skills useful to me in my work (on campus and beyond)
4. I intend to pursue and develop/deepen relationships with my ASB colleagues.
5. After participating in the ASB program, I am confident that I have a much deeper sense of how artists make work
6. After participating in the ASB program, I am confident that I can express more clearly the value the performing arts has in its ability to illumniate the human experience
7. After participating in the ASB program, I am confident that I can list several positive effects that come from being a part of a communal experience (ie. audience)
8. The ASB Program increased my knowledge of career choices within the performing arts
9. I developed close relationships with some of my fellow ASB students
For numbers 1 through 4, please use the space below to expand on your answers
12345Did not participate
1. Orientation (Studio Museum in Harlem, Tour & Discussion)
2. Opening Workshop ( Diana Black Box)
3. Opening Dinner (Sotto Casa Restaurant)
4. Hoi Polloi: Republic (Jack NY)
5. Tour of Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)
6. If /Then and Talk back with Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey (Richard Rodgers)
7. Tentative Armor, Michael Harren (Dixon Place)
8. Group Discussion #1 (SGO space on Thursday)
9. 9. Young Jean Lee’s Theatre Company rehearsal of “Straight White Men” (Lerner Black Box)
10. 4 Chambers/ Jody Oberfelder Projects (Arts@Renaissance)
11. Q&A and process Discussion with Young Jean Lee
12. Meet/Talk with Alec Duffy, Director of Hoi Polloi: Republic
13. Beth Gill: New Work for the desert followed by talk back with John Jasperse (New York Live Arts)
14. Impromtu discussion Following Beth Gill at self serve frozen yogurt place
15. Alumni Panel "Working in the Arts" and Brunch (Diana Black Box)
16. Kung Fu by David Henry Hwang (Signature)
17. Okyung Lee (The Kitchen)
18. Workshop with Michael Harren (Lerner Black Box Theatre)
19. What I learned from a Decade of Fear: Aluna Theater ( La Mama)
20. Closing Dinner (Gyu-Kaku Restaurant)
22. ASB Binder of Information
Too FewJust RightToo Many
1. The number of performances we saw was:
2. The number of Workshops/Panels/Talk Backs in which we participated was:
3. The number of discussions we had was:

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