2013 International Student Orientation Program Information Request Form

Please fill out the requested information by Monday, July 15th at 9 AM EST. Please fill out all of the mandated information. If you do not have your flight booked yet, we will follow-up once we get closer to ISOP.

Also, we need your t-shirt size. Please use the following information to determine your shirt size:

Unisex  measurements in inches and centimeters        

                       Chest                                           Waist

            34-36 inches/86-91 cm            30-32 inches/ 76-81 cm

M           38-40 inches/ 97-102 cm        32-33 inches/ 81-84 cm

L           42-44 inches/ 107-112 cm        33-34 inches/ 84-86 cm

XL        46-48 inches/ 117-122 cm        36-38 inches/ 102-107 cm

2XL      48-50 inches/ 122-127 cm      40-42 inches/ 102-107 cm

3 XL     50-52 inches/ 127 cm              44-48 inches/ 112-122 cm


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Please give us your nickname or preferred name, if different than your given name.
Please share with ISOP any allergies, medication needs, etc. so that we can better support you. All information will be kept confidential. If none, please enter none.
Please tell us what needs those are (vegetarian, gluten intolerant, etc.)
If you are under the age of 18, we will follow-up with information requesting parent/guardian permission.
This information will be shared with our Office of Parent and Family Programs and they will email information about what programs will be available to them.
We are asking this information in case you arrive late and we can check with the airlines on the arrival time.
Please look at the top of this page for sizing information.

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