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Commuter Guest Application

CC/SEAS students who would like to host a non-residential (commuter) undergraduate CC or SEAS student should submit the following application for review.


Once a CC/SEAS residential host student submits this application, the information will be reviewed by Residential Programs, Housing and Office of Judicial Affairs to confirm all information is correct and the non-residential undergraduate student is eligible to swipe into the residence hall where his/her host resides. 

If approved, the non-residential student may receive swipe access to the host's residence hall only for the remainder of the 2013-2014 academic year (A non-residential student will need to be signed-into any other residence hall). Swipe access may be removed for an individual student at any time during this period at the discretion of Residential Programs, Housing and Office of Judicial Affairs, or at the request of the resident host. 

Hosts and Guests will be notified via e-mail within five (5) business days of  submission.

The residential host is responsible for the non-residential guest at all times while the non-residential guest is in the residence hall.  It is highly recommended that both the non-residential guest and host review the Guide to Living, available through Columbia Housing's website: Non-residential guests are expected to abide by policies outlined in the Guide to Living. 

Please note: 

A residential student may host up to three (3) non-residential guests for swipe-access during the 2013-2014 academic year.

Please submit one application per non-residential guest. 

A non-residential guest may only have swipe-access  into the residence hall of the residential host for the 2013-2014 academic year.  The non-residential guest will need to be signed-into  other Columbia residence halls.

Host Information
Guest Information
Statements of Understanding
I understand that I am responsible for the actions of my guest while he/she is in the residence hall, irrespective of my presence during a particular incident or concern, and may result in disciplinary action for me and/or my guest.
I understand my guest should abide by policies as outlined in the Guide to Living, available on the Columbia Housing website:
I have reviewed the policies outline in the Guide to Living with my non-residential guest.
I acknowledge that I am a currently enrolled undergraduate student in Columbia College or School of Engineering and Applied Science in good University standing. I understand that I must remain in good University standing in order to host a non-residential guest. I agree that my academic and disciplinary status may be verified by the Center for Student Advising and the Office of Judicial Affairs and Community Standards.

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