Are there other charges or expenses that I should be aware of?

Additional billed costs you might accrue include laboratory and language fees (for certain classes) and laundry service (optional).  Some courses, particularly in the sciences and the languages have fees ranging from $5 to $150.  Laundry service costs begin at $20.  These charges will not appear on the first Student Account Statement, but will appear on subsequent Student Account Statements.

You should plan for additional unbilled costs for books and miscellaneous expenses.  Miscellaneous expenses may include such things as academic supplies, personal items, and recreation.  Our office uses a figure of $2,100 for these books and miscellaneous items when figuring the student’s cost of attendance.

In addition, you should budget for the cost of travel between home and New York.  Students who will be flying to school are encouraged to take advantage of the lowest student fares available by booking as early as possible.  If you do not have a travel agent, you may want to contact STA Travel at 800-777-0112 or the STA Travel Web site. We also encourage students to check online for bargains by doing a search for “student travel”.