5. Can I bring someone else to the hearing with me (for example, an attorney)?

No. As the Dean’s Discipline hearing process is not a legal or adversarial process, neither attorneys nor other advocates are permitted in the hearing. However, there are a variety of University resources available to assist students with questions or concerns about the hearing or the Dean’s Discipline process in general.

• A student can speak with a Dean’s Discipline Process Resource Person. These individuals are trained to assist students with many aspects of the Dean’s Discipline process. They can answer questions about the Dean’s Discipline process, the hearing, as well as provide guidance regarding general preparation for the hearing. However, it is the student’s primary responsibility to prepare for his or her hearing.

• A student can speak with their Advising Dean. An Advising Dean's participation as a support for the student is required in cases of alleged academic dishonesty/misconduct. This participation is optional for cases of alleged behavioral misconduct.

• A student can contact the Office of Judicial Affairs and Community Standards and request to meet with a staff member to discuss general information about the Dean’s Discipline process prior to your hearing.

Students are also encouraged to speak with staff members in Counseling and Psychological Services should one begin to feel overwhelmed while going through this process. Family and friends or others in their personal support network may also serve as helpful points of contact.


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