Will my chances for admission be affected if I apply for financial aid?

For United States, Mexican and Canadian citizens, permanent residents of the United States and students granted refugee visas by the United States: Admission to Columbia College and to the undergraduate division of The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science is need-blind. This means we will consider your application without regard to your financial need.

For foreign students (students who are NOT Citizens of the United States, Mexico and Canada, permanent residents of the United States or students granted refugee visas by the United States): Financial aid is available for foreign students, but candidates should be aware that the admission process is not need-blind.  As a result, their applications are read in a more selective process. However, Columbia is committed to meeting the full need of all applicants admitted as first-year students regardless of their citizenship status.

As a foreign student, you should determine what amount you feel you and your family could afford to pay each year for four years of study. If you conclude that you and your family will be unable to assume the estimated total cost of attendance, you should apply for financial aid at the same time you apply for admission. If you are traveling to Columbia from another country, you will also want to consider travel expenses.

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