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Leadership Workshop Series

Throughout fall of 2014, Student Engagement will offer interactive workshops for undergraduate students interested in developing and enhancing their leadership skills. The workshops will focus on various topics, with some catered specifically for students involved in clubs and organizations.

Strengthening Club Culture- Group norms and team dynamics greatly influence how organizations operate. The focus of this workshop is on helping your organization achieve its goals by building team cohesion and improving communication.
Tuesday, September 30, 5- 6:30PM in Lerner 403.

Myers Briggs: Exploring Your Personality- Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality inventory that reveals an individual’s preferences, tendencies and characteristics. The focus of this workshop is on deepening your understanding of yourself and others and the impact personality type has on one’s leadership style.
Thursday, October 23, 5- 6:30PM in Lerner 401.
Spots are limited for this workshop, so register early!

Building Better Teams- How do you increase your team’s effectiveness? This workshop will enable participants to engage in small, team-based activities designed to help students identify their organizations’ priorities, maximize on members’ strengths and develop a plan to hit the ground running in the coming semester.
Thursday, November 13, 5- 6:30PM in Lerner 403.

To register for a workshop, please email

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