The ADVANCE! Leadership Experience

ADVANCE! is a leadership program especially designed for juniors and seniors interested in further developing their leadership skills. With the support of peers, administrators, and alumni, you will have the opportunity to fully discover your leadership potential.

Over the course of the spring semester, 12 talented students will engage in a comprehensive and challenging leadership experience which will allow you to:

  1. create a vision for your leadership and an action plan for mastering your skill set
  2. explore leadership theory with a group of your peers
  3. gain mentorship in the professional interest of your choice
  4. partner with alumni on a leadership project at a work site
  5. create a leadership portfolio to accompany your professional curriculum vitae

The program takes place during the spring semester and students meet weekly to focus on different skill challenges. The training modules are comprised of guest alumni presentations, interactive workshops, team challenges, and leadership theory discussions. After six weeks of preparation, students embark on their fieldwork assignments. Each student is charged with finding/developing projects with the guidance of their supervisors that will test their leadership development and offer them a real life practicum for growth. All students present their findings in May.

Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a stipend and a certificate to add to their LEAD Record. Metrocards for the 8-10 weeks of fieldwork are also supplied free of charge.

ADVANCE! is a program of the Office of Student Development and Activities, in partnership with the Center for Career Education, Columbia College Alumni Affairs and Development and Columbia Engineering Development and Alumni Relations. Email us with any questions about the program or download our brochure.

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