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CSA Visiting and Exchange Students Program

Registration Policies and Instructions


Registration Availability

Registration is available through Student Services Online (SSOL) during assigned registration times. Registration appointments for Visiting and Exchange students will begin on:

August 19, 2014 @ 9:30am

After this time, you will have multiple registration appointments available  through the "change of program" period or the first two weeks of the semester. To find out what time your registration appointments begin and end on each day, log on to SSOL and select the Registration Appointments tab.  These appointment times are usually listed 2-3 weeks prior to your first registration time.


Building your Wish List

Prior to your registration appointment time, you may search available courses and create a "wish list" through SSOL.   The "wish list" is a function that allows you to build and store your schedule of classes prior to your registration time. To build your "wish list":


  1. Log on to  Student Services Online (SSOL) and select the Registration link.
  2. Enter the 5-digit call number for your course of choice or use the search feature to search for courses by title or department.
  3. Select the Add button next to your desired course section to add the course to your "wish list".


Registration Instructions

  1. During your registration appointment time, log into Student Services Online (SSOL) and select the Registration  link.
  2. During your appointment time, you may add courses from your "wish list" by selecting the "submit" button. This action will register you for all of the open courses you have selected. Courses that are blocked, full, or in conflict with other courses on your schedule will be left on your "wish list".
  3. To add additional courses to your schedule, enter the 5-digit call number for your course of choice  then select the Add tab. You may also use the search feature to search for courses by title or department.
  4. You may make changes to your schedule (including add/dropping, changing the grading option, or point value) via SSOL during assigned appointment times. 

If you find that a course is full, students have the option of adding their name to the electronic wait list through SSOL.  Students who add their names to a Wait List will either be handled first-come, first-served, or will be asked to provide evidence they meet an instructor’s custom criteria. Once a student is admitted to the course, he or she is notified via email that course registration is successful and removed from the Wait List.  For more information about the wait list CLICK HERE.


Registration Policies & Important Deadlines

  • Students are required to register for a minimum of 12 points to maintain full-time status, and may register for no more than 22 points.
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade (for Columbia College grading policies, click here; for SEAS grading policies, click here).
  • However, students enrolled in Columbia College programs may select 1 course for a grade of Pass/D/Fail per semester. For information about this policy and restrictions, click HERE.
  • Students in the Engineering program may choose to take a course for Pass/Fail.
  • The  last day to add a course to your schedule is the second Friday of the semester (change of program period).
  • The last day to drop a course from your depends on your program (see academic calendar HERE):


Columbia College Programs:  Students may drop a course from their schedule until the sixth week of the semester by completing an add/drop form and submitting it to the Registrar’s Office in person.  For specific deadlines, see the Columbia College Academic Calendar HERE

Columbia Engineering Programs:  Students may drop a course until the 10th week of the semester by completing an add/drop form  , getting a signature from your advising dean and submitting it to the Center for Student Advising. 



Special Registration Procedures

You may find that some courses are not available for registration through SSOL and will require special registration procedures. In these cases, students must often attend the class on the first day, obtain the appropriate approvals/signatures, and submit an add/drop form to the University Registrar located in 205 Kent Hall.   For more information regarding courses that require special registration procedures, read below.


Special Permission/Instructor Approval

If special permission is required from the department (or if prior knowledge/coursework in the field is a prerequisite) you must see the department for approval to register for that course. 


Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Courses

Students interested in registering for courses in the IEOR Department    Must complete a cross-registration form/request. For more information, CLICK HERE.


Advanced Seminars and Workshops

If you wish to register for an advanced class for which permission or application is required, you must contact the relevant department directly and secure permission from the faculty member teaching the class or the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  Find their location and contact information in the Columbia College Bulletin. 


Creative Writing 

Creative Writing workshops at the Intermediate, Advanced, and Senior level require an application and professor approval.  Students should submit applications and writing samples directly to the Undergraduate Creative Writing Department by the established deadline prior to the start of the semester. Please click here for more information about this process.


Language Add and Attendance Policy

All language courses must be added by the first week of classes.  Attendance in language classes is mandatory; if you miss class in the first week you may be dropped from the roster.  Language courses may not be taken Pass/D/Fail.


If you are interested in taking a Barnard language course, you may register for the course online.  Please also contact the appropriate department to determine if there are additional registration procedures to ensure your space.



Auditions are required for the semester's acting classes and productions.  Sign-up sheets for audition sessions are posted in the lobby of the Minor Latham Playhouse on the first floor of Milbank Hall at Barnard College.  First-year auditions will take place during the first week of classes. You may prepare a 2-minute monologue or use material provided on your arrival.  Auditions are held in the Minor Latham Playhouse; students should plan to stay for the entire audition session.  Please see for additional information.



Students interested in taking Dance classes at Barnard should note the pre-requisites as specified in the course catalog and then register online.  Students should seek the advice of a dance faculty member as well as self-evaluate their own technical proficiency.  Students must attend the first class or risk losing their place in the course.  The first class of the semester serves as an audition/ placement class.  As a guide for Ballet and Modern, level I is beginning and level VI is pre-professional.  For styles courses (African, Flamenco, Tap, Jazz) a student must be an intermediate level III dancer.  For additional registration and placement information, please visit the Dance Department website at




For information about music lessons, university orchestra, chamber ensembles, jazz ensembles, Collegium Musicum, Bach Society, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Klezmer Band, and more, please contact the Music Performance Program directly.  You can visit the website at or  stop by the office in 618 Dodge Hall.


Visual Arts

Visual Arts courses will be available for on line registration for early registration.


Students unable to Register Online:  If the class you are interested in is full on-line or if for any reason you cannot register on-line, please come to the first day of class. We encourage students who are interested in any of our Visual Arts Undergrad Courses to attend the first day of class as there are often places available. The Photography Courses offer a wait list for courses are full.  Students may sign up HERE


*Registered Students: If you are registered for a Visual Arts class, please note you must attend the first day of class to retain your position. Due to the limited size of our classes and often high demand, you will lose your place in the class and be replaced if you are not present and on time on the first day.  

Center for Student Advising


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