All-Ivy Multicultural Affairs Meeting: REGISTRATION

On Friday, July 18, 2014, Columbia's Office of Multicultural Affairs is hosting an All-Ivy meeting of colleagues from offices focused on undergraduate diversity, social justice, identity development, and inclusion. These offices include, but are not limited to, multicultural and intercultural centers, LGBTQA centers, women's centers, international student programming and transitional support offices, and affinity-focused offices/positions.

The intent of this meeting is to create a network across the Ivies of administrators  from offices focused on undergraduate diversity, social justice, identity development, and inclusion. Through this network, we hope to create better understanding among our institutions, share best practices, collaborate on relevant projects/programming, strategize on shared trends and issues on our campuses, and serve as continual resources to each other.

On the preceding day, Thursday, July 17th, we are utilizing this platform for the national iCount project to present and work with our institutions on data disaggregation in assessment, particularly for Asian Pacific Islander students as it relates to dispelling the model minority myth. The movement for data disaggregation more generally is especially important for institutions and our offices to better nuance programming, resources, and advocacy. This step of iCount is to specifically focus on undergraduate students in the Ivies.




For those needing overnight accommodations, please visit our preferred hotels website (see the side menu: Hotels --> Preferred NYC Hotels) for special University rates. There are also a limited amount of more cost-effective accommodations at University-partnered institutions,  listed under “Additional Accommodations;” these are closer to campus as well.


Each participant must register through this form so that we can get an accurate number of particpants.

As outlined in the general schedule, we will start off our day with each institution presenting about institutional structure, relevant offices (mission, vision, organization chart), and scope of programs and resources. The goal is to give participants a better understanding of peer institutions so that subsequent conversations about programs, campus issues, and ways to collaborate can be better contextualized. NOTE: The point person will be sentmore guidelines about this presentation.
This information will help shape roundtable discussions.

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