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Columbia residential student leaders, staff, and groups are eligible for nomination. A program is eligible if it corresponds with the categories of recognition and took place for a residential community within the appropriate period of nomination.

While multiple nominations for individuals, groups and/or programs are permitted, please note that multiple nominations do not increase the chances of an individual or program receiving an award. We encourage nominations to be explicit in their explanation of why an individual, group or program should receive an award. Examples and supporting evidence are also strongly encouraged. The Recognition and Appreciation Committee will meet each month to review nominations and select Of-The-Month awardees. Each residential area will be represented to ensure a fair review. Nominate.

Award Descriptions

  • Resident of the Month recognizes residents from the residential community for their active work in fostering a sense of community within the residence halls.
  • Resident Adviser of the Month recognizes the instrumental work RAs play in one or more of the following areas: programming, educating, community development, and crisis response.
  • Community Adviser of the Month recognizes CAs who go above and beyond in their work in areas such as programming, peer-advising, and supporting staff.
  • Adviser of the Month recognizes an outstanding Graduate hall Director or Associate Director who creates a supportive environment for student leaders to grow, learn, and develop.
  • Spotlight of the Month recognizes outstanding members of the Columbia community beyond Residential Programs including, but not limited to, members of the Public Safety team, CU-EMS, a special interest community (SIC), Greek organizations, Housing Services staff, Alice! staff, as well as staff in other University offices. 
  • Diversity Program of the Month recognizes programs that challenge students around issues of race, religion, sexuality, socio-economic status, gender and other identities and their relation to power and privilege.
  • Community Service Program of the Month recognizes projects that  have an exceptional impact on the lives of others.
  • Educational/Academic Program of the Month recognizes programs that engage students beyond their classroom settings.
  • Social Program of the Month recognizes programs that help build community or transition students to a new environment.

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