Professor Roberts

Samuel Roberts (BA in History and African-American Studies, double-major, University of Virginia, 1995; MA in History, Princeton University, 1997; PhD in History, Princeton University, 2002) is Associate Professor of History at Columbia University’s Department of History. His research is in the history of science, medicine, public health, and urban social movements in the twentieth- and twenty-first century United States. He teaches in these fields, along with those covering African-American history, U.S. urban history, and historical methods.

Roberts has a demonstrated record of excellence in teaching, a mission which he regards as including the promotion of students’ post-graduation careers (helping them to get placement in graduate programs, Fulbright Fellowships and Rhodes Scholarships, and careers in law, and not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations). For two years, he served as the Faculty Coordinator for Columbia University’s Mellon Mays Undergraduate Program. In 2009, he was asked to revamp the undergraduate curriculum for Columbia’s Institute for Research in African American Studies, and in AY 2009-10 became IRAAS Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Christina Greer (BA in Political Science and Classics, Tufts University 2000; MPhil in Political Science, Columbia University 2005; PhD in Political Science, Columbia University, 2008) is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Fordham University, Lincoln Center. Her research is on black American and black immigrant (Caribbean and African) political behavior and opinion. At Fordham, she teaches courses in African American politics, U.S. Congress and urban political processes, quantitative research methods in Political Science, and the Introduction to United States Politics lecture course. In her teaching at Fordham and before, she has produced students national elections, and on political opinion. As an undergraduate at Tufts, she studied for a year at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), in London.

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