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Associate Director

Darleny Cepin (West Campus AD) was born in the Dominican Republic and has lived in NYC most of her life. Prior to joining Residential Programs Darleny worked at the Columbia Business School and earned an MA degree in Organizational Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. Darleny is a Doctoral Student at Teachers College in the Adult Learning and Leadership program. Darleny is very passionate about building community and facilitating human connections.


Graduate Hall Directors


Dana St-Cyr 

Schapiro Graduate Hall Director   

Cornwall, NY 

Master of Education in Counseling Psychology 




Jason Wu

Extreme Graduate Hall Director

Houston, Tx

Teachers College, PhD in Science Education




Chelsey Jones 

Extended Graduate Hall Director

Culpeper, VA 

Master of Education in Education Policy and Social Analysis 

Community Advisers

Wendy Sun

Wendy Sun 

Schapiro Community Adviser

Hometown: Markham, ON 

College / Year / Major: SEAS 2014, Biomedical Engineering 

Campus Activities: Society of Women Engineers Vice-President, Health Education Awareness League Coordinator, Engineering Exploration Experience Founder and Advisor, Mount Sinai Research Associate Crew Chief 

Rebecca Gibson 

Extreme Community Adviser 

Hometown: Eastchester, NY

College / Year / Major: CC 2014, Environmental Biology 

Campus Activities: Ultimate Frisbee, Heffnew Laboratory, Inwood Academic Tutoring 

Veronica Reynolds 

Extended Community Adviser 

Hometown: West Chester, PA  

College / Year / Major: SEAS 2014, Materials Science and Engineering 

Campus Activities: SWE Community Outreach Chair, Double Discovery Center Volunteer, Material Advantage Columbia Chapter President, Materials Research Society Columbia Student Chapter Vice-President 

Resident Advisers


Eric Wei 

2nd Floor RA 

Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ 

College / Year / Major: CC 2016, Neuroscience and Behavior 

Campus Activities: The Journal of Global Health, Student Health Outreach, CCSC Elections Board 



Samantha Ayoub

3rd Floor RA

College / Year / Major: CC 2014, Neuroscience and Behavior                                   


Nnamdi Nwaezeapu

4th Floor RA 

Hometown: Washington, DC

College / Year / Major: CC 2015, Psychology

Campus Activities: MBA 

Gabby Andrade

5th Floor RA

Hometown: Chandler, AZ

College/ Year/ Major: CC 2016, Undecided 

Campus Activities: Barnard Columbia Choir, Barnard Dance Department, Orchesis Dance Show 

Dan Stone 

6th Floor RA

Hometown: New York, NY 

College / Year / Major: CC 2016, Undecided 

Samina Gagné 

7th Floor RA

Hometown: London, England 

College/ Year/ Major: CC 2106, Art History and Concentrations in Architecture Theory and Business 

Campus Activities: Postcrypt Art Gallery, Manuscript Publication, Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, Global Recruitment Committee, Alpha Delta Phi 

Jeremy Meyers 

8th Floor RA

Hometown: New York, NY

College/ Year/ Major: CC 2015, Economics-Statistics 

Campus Activities: Columbia College Student Council Elections Board, Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs, Columbia Undergraduate Consulting Group 

Jessica Li

9th floor RA   

Hometown: Scarsdale, NY    

College/ Year/ Major: CC 2014, Biology 

Campus Activities: Chinese Students Club, Undergraduate Recruitment Committee 

Emerald Gearing 

10th Floor RA

Hometown: Toronto, ON and New York, NY 

College / Year / Major: CC 2015, English and French and Francophone Studies 

Campus Activities: Chowdah 

Tim Chen 

11th and 12th Floor RA

Hometown: Boston, MA and Shenzhen, China 

College / Year / Major: CC 2014, Economics-Political Science and Concentration in Philosophy 

Campus Activities: CIRCA, GRC, Beta Theta Pi 


Gloria DiMino

13th and 14th Floor RA

Hometown: Garden City, NY

College / Year / Major: CC 2015, Neuroscience 

Campus Activities: AMSA, Columbia Neuroscience Society, Columbia Youth Adventures, Memorial Sloan-Ketteing Biomedical Research, Sigma Delta Tau  

Lucy He 

15th and 16th Floor RA

Hometown: Richmond Hill, ON

College / Year / Major: CC 2014, Computer Science

Campus Activities: Heights to Heights Mentoring, CU Lion Dance, Application Development Initiative 



Maria Laposata

Claremont RA  

Hometown: Boston, MA

College/ Year/ Major: CC 2015, Economics and Concentration in French 

Campus Activities: Journal of Politics and Society, Columbia Democrats, Columbia French Cultural Society 


Jungho Son 

Claremont RA 

Hometown: Seoul, Korea 

College/ Year/ Major: CC 2015, Astrophysics and Concentration in Economics




Jonathan Sturr 

Claremont RA 

Hometown: Bronxville, NY  

College/ Year/ Major: CC 2014, History and Music and Concentration in Russian Language and Culture 

Campus Activities: The Birch, Columbia University Orchestra, The Music Performance Program 

Hyonjee Joo

River RA 

Hometown: Boise, ID

College/ Year/ Major: SEAS 2016, Undecided 

Campus Activities: Columbia Tae Kwon Do Team, Columbia University Orchestra, SHOUT, Columbia Youth Adventurers, KCCC, ESC2016, JCCC


 Elleny Gutierrez

River RA

Hometown: Lafayette, LA

College/ Year/ Major: CC 2015, Evolutionary Biology of the Human Species 

Campus Activities: Varsity Show 


Natalia Remis 

Woodbridge RA 

Hometown: Miami, FL

College/ Year/ Major: CC 2014, English


Aniekeme Umoh 

Woodbridge RA

Hometown: Abuja, Nigeria 

College/ Year/ Major: SEAS 2015, Chemical Engineering 

Campus Activities: CSA Peer Advisor, CUIT Lab Consultant, National Society of Black Engineers, Global Recruitment Committee, Engineers Without Borders, Columbia Faith and Action, Columbia University Scholars Program 

Sam Lutzker 

Woodbridge RA

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

College/ Year/ MajorCC 2015, Sociology



Sanjana Salwi 

627 West 115th Street RA

Hometown: Marlboro, NJ

College/ Year/ MajorCC 2016, Chemistry/ Computer Science

Campus Activities: Social Chair for Club Zamana, Columbia Neuroscience Society, Chandler Society 



Kathy Zhu

600 West 113th Street RA 

Hometown: Chicago, IL

College/ Year/ Major: CC 2015, Economics-Statistics



Aditya Girish 

600 West 113th Street RA

Hometown: Plainsboro, NJ

College/ Year/ Major: SEAS 2014, Biomedical Engineering 

Campus Activities: One-to-One Tutoring Coordinator, Lu Lab  


Jerry Sun 

600 West 113th Street RA

Hometown: San Jose, CA

College/ Year/ Major: SEAS 2015, Financial Engineering and Minor in Economics 

Campus Activities: Engineering Student Council, Columbia University Financial Engineering, Lambda Phi Epsilon 


Queenie Cao 

600 West 113th Street RA 

Hometown: Toronto, Canada 

College/ Year/ Major: CC 2016, Financial Economics and Visual Art

Campus Activities: Consult Your Community, Parliamentary Debate Team, Blue Key Society, CU Bellydance 



Alexandra Mobeka 

Harmony RA 

Hometown: West Friendship, MD

College/ Year/ Major: CC 2016, International Affairs




Audrey Crabtree-Hannigan 

Harmony RA 

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

College/ Year/ Major: CC 2015, Political Science and Concentration in History 

Campus Activities: Columbia Ballet Collaborative 



Jeeseok Kim 

Carlton Arms RA 

Hometown: Seoul, Korea 

College/ Year/ Major: CC 2015, Economics


 Michelle Wiryadi  

Carlton Arms RA

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia 

College / Year / Major: SEAS 2016, Chemical Engineering 

Campus Activities: Chinese Students Club

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