CUSP Curriculum and Programming

Each year, all of the elements of CUSP – the first-year seminar, the Speaker Series, and the Cultural Outings – are united by a common thread that is the foundation of our year-long inquiry.  Beginning in September 2013, we boldly invite students to explore their Wonder and Imagination

Our Scholars, selected for their impressive intellectual pursuits, extracurricular achievements, and promise for future growth and exploration, thrive on the challenge of responding to our changing world’s most elusive scientific and social questions.  This year’s theme, Wonder and Imagination, stimulates students to go beyond the safety of the rote and formulaic to see the beauty and radical potentialities rather than the limitations of the unexpected and unfamiliar.  A team of administrators, graduate mentors and distinguished scholars mindfully guide students and they move from curiosity to creation, possibility to prototype, and are taught not to fear failure but to cultivate fancy and ingenuity.  Interdisciplinary in scope, our programming encourages students to make connections not only within the curriculum but also with their varied personal interests and those of their peers.

As the cornerstone of the year’s intellectual journey, Wonder and Imagination brings together a striking collection of artists, public intellectuals and scientists who will share their inspiration and vision with our students.  From the philosophical queries of “who are we” to the creation of an infinite “we” through the marvels of cloning; from an exploration of the quarks and quasars that fill our skies, to the use of computers to communicate with creatures of the undersea world; from the literary ephemera of childhood fantasy to the lingering question of “what is college,” our Scholars will encounter a vibrant academic community that will spark and nurture their own individual and collective pursuits throughout their years in our Program. 



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