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As practicums and research assistantships provide students with experience and training related to their career and academic interests, a grant-worthy project should contain a learning component and be connected to the student's academic plans. Applications for practicum/research assistantship grants will also be evaluated on how well the student connects the internship experience to one or more of the Program's Pillars (Academic Excellence, Leadership, Global Awareness, and Civic Engagement) and mission.

The internship proposal should outline the position's requirements and how the experience will enhance the student's academic and career goals. The proposal must also include a budget describing the resources necessary to participate in the unpaid internship. The CUSP office will attempt to accomodate as much of the budget needs as possible.

All applicants must include the following with their application:

  • Application Information Form
  • Official Columbia University Transcript
  • Resume
  • Budget Proposal Form
  • 2 Letters of Reference (1 must be an academic letter)
  • Employer/Research Supervisor Verification Form


Summer 2015 appllication form is forthcoming.

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