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Gift Accounts and Donations

The University has gift accounts in which organizations can deposit tax-deductable donations, to underwrite operating costs, or to fund specific events/programs at Columbia. Student organizations should speak to their adviser or a Student Affairs Central Business Office (SACBO) financial adviser if they are going to solicit funds from any outside source. Student organizations with gift accounts should remember that there is a seven percent transaction fee and should plan accordingly in their budgets. 

Corporate Sponsorships

Student organizations wishing to pursue corporate sponsorships to help finance events and activities should contact their Student Affairs adviser. Alcohol and tobacco companies may neither fund nor be affiliated with any Columbia-sponsored event or activity. There are strict guidelines concerning corporate sponsorships as outlined by SACBO. Your adviser will work with SACBO staff to make sure that you meet these guidelines. 


Due to the tax status of the University, charity fundraisers are approved on a case-by-case basis by Student Affairs advisers and the SACBO. Please see your adviser for more information and for solicitation letter templates.  

Games of Chance 

If your student organization wishes to hold a fundraiser that incorporates games of chance, please see the Games of Chance policy and speak to your adviser.  

Partisan Activity

If your student organization wishes to hold a fundraiser that incorporates partisan activity, please see the Partisan Activity policy and speak to your adviser.

Tax Laws

The fact that Columbia University is classified by the IRS as a 501(C)3 non-profit organization impacts all policies and procedures related to fundraising. To ensure you are complying, meet with your adviser and a SACBO financial adviser before moving forward on any activity involving fundraising.

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