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Center for Student Advising

Law School: The Degree

The Juris Doctor (J.D.) is a graduate degree; it normally takes J.D. candidates three years to complete the law school curriculum.

Dean's Certification

Many law schools require a school official to submit certification letters on behalf of applicants. These documents generally contain information about the disciplinary records of students.

Registration with the Office of Pre-professional Advising

Students and alumni/ae planning to apply to law school should register with the Office of Pre-professional Advising the spring/fall prior to their application.

CUSP Summer Enhancement Fellowships


The CUSP Summer Enhancement Fellowship is a competitive grant that assists Scholars in securing structured research opportunities (including research-related activities such as con


In partnership with the American Council of Engineering Companies-New York (ACEC-NY), CUSP created an ongoing, sustainable relationship with New York engineering firms interested in hiring rising s

Practicum and Research Assistantship


As practicums and research assistantships provide students with experience and training related to their career and academic interests, a grant-worthy project should contain a l


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