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Mission Statement: Residential Life fosters safe and inclusive living and learning environments beyond the classroom to holistically develop responsible global citizens.

Commuter Access Form

Commuter Access Form

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Resident Adviser

The Office of Residential Programs employs 133 students as Resident Advisers (RAs) and Community Advisers (CAs).

Graduate Hall Director (GHD) Position

Each year the Office of Residential Programs selects a motivated and engaged team of Graduate Hall Directors (GHDs) that work with our RAs and CAs to maintain a supportive and

Activities and Choices Program Evaluation

Thank you for participating in the Alice! Health Promotion and Residential Programs Activities and Choices on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night program. We hope you found the funding useful to carry out your program and appreciate receiving feedback about your event.

Enter month and numeric date here (ex. September 10).
Enter your best estimate of the exact number of attendees who participated in the majority of the program. (If someone stopped by for a few minutes, please do not count this number in your total.) Do not enter a numeric range as we will ask for a specific number when we follow-up.
This should include an itemized list and actual cost of each expenditure so we can determine the true cost of your event versus your initial proposal.


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