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Residential Life

Student Staff Information Form

Welcome to Residential Programs!  We are excited that each of you will be a part of creating the experience for our residential communities in the 2014-2015 academic year.  Please fill out all required fields in the information form below.

For name tags, door tags, etc.
Please include residence hall and room number
Month, Day, Year ex.: 09/25/1990
Please list any dietary needs or enter "none"
If yes, please include office/department name, supervisor name and contact information.
i.e., Do you keep Sabbath? Do you celebrate Ramadan? This will help us best support you.
If same as summer mailing address, list "Same"
Please upload a photo of yourself for the website "Residential Staff" page.
If you do not have a rider, please enter "none"

Summer GHD Application

Summer Graduate Hall Director

The Summer Graduate Hall Director is a part time staff members in the Office of Residential Programs. Working under the supervision of the Director of RP, the Graduate Hall Director is responsible for the following:

Administrative Responsibities

Please upload your application as a word document or pdf.
Include leadership and employment experiences.
Please type full name to sign application. By typing your name here you agree that all information provided is accurate.

SIC Statement of Understanding

Office of Residential Programs Special Interest Community Program

Statement of Acceptance and Understanding

The following is a statement of acceptance and understanding of expectations to reside in a Special Interest Community at Columbia University. Please read this form carefully and check the box next to each statement, indicating that you have read and understand it. This form should be submitted by Friday, February 28, 2014 at 12 noon. Please save a copy of this form for your own records prior to submitting.

By printing my name, I hereby affirm that I have read, understand, and agree to abide by all of the expectations above.

ALPHA Standards Panel Application

ALPHA Standards of Excellence

The purpose of the 5-Star ALPHA Standards of Excellence Program is to enhance the values, beliefs and practices of Fraternity and Sorority Life

First and last name
Please list CC or SEAS and Class Year
Please share why you are interested in serving on the ALPHA Standards Panel

SIC Statement of Understanding

Columbia University – Office of Residential Programs

Special Interest Community Program

Statement of Acceptance and Understanding


The following is a statement of a


East Campus Faculty in Residence Program

Register here for East Campus Faculty in Residence programs


Commuter Access Form

Commuter Access Form

Last Name, First Name, MI

LLC Application


SIC Community Application



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Residential Life


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