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For information or questions about hazing prevention at Columbia, please contact:

Education and Outreach

  • RA Training involved a Hazing Prevention module, connected to Bystander work.
  • Club Advisors shared bullets prepared by Hazing Prevention Task force with all club leaders at Barnard FUE

2012-13 Highlights

  • Webinar was hosted in spring 2013 that included staff from Student Affairs, Athletics, and Student Services.  Attendees later became members of task force.
  • Task force was comprised of

Work of the HPT

In May 2013, the Hazing Prevention Team was formalized and charged with the following goals:

Hazing Prevention Team Members


Jacqueline Blackett, Associate Director, Columbia Athletic
Cristen Kromm, Associate Dean for Residential Life

Hazing Prevention Team

Columbia’s hazing prevention team is committed to working in partnership with students to ensure an understanding of the distinction between appropriate initiation, appreciation, and welcoming ritu

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