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Intercultural House Application

Thank you for your interest in the Intercultural Resource Center and for considering the Intercultural House (ICH) as your housing option! Below  is the application for the 2015-2016 Intercultural House. Your timely submission and thoughtful answers are the first presentation of yourself to the evaluation committee. 

Part 1: Personal Information

Campus Address
Permanent Address

Roommate-Living Information

The ICH is comprised of a variety of room and suite set-ups. Some of these rooms are single occupancies while others are doubles or triples. Most of the doubles and triples are spacious, apartment-style suites with kitchens and bathrooms. If accepted to live in the ICH, you may be offered a double, triple, or single. The following questions will help us gauge your living style and aid us in finding the best fit for you, so please be as honest as possible.


Summer GHD Application

Hi! We are excited that you are interested in the summer GHD position at Columbia. It's a unique leadership experience that will challenge and grow you from May to August. The position description carefully outlines important dates and expectations. It is critical that all applicants read and understand the position description before applying. 

Application Deadline is January 31, 2014. 

If you do not have a formatted resume, please submit a list of all previous employment and leadership experience. Please include dates and your position title(s).
Please include your reference's name, company, phone number and up-to-date email.

Fieldwork Placements

Fieldwork Partnership & Practicum Description

As part of the ADVANCE!

Student Affairs Day of Service - January 8, 2012

We are excited to be holding the Student Affairs Day of Service, a voluntary opportunity for staff members to work together and help victims of Hurricane Sandy. We will be coordinating our service project through New York Cares and will be assisting in the long road to recovery in the Rockaways. Volunteers are needed to muck out hundreds of buildings damaged in Hurricane Sandy and get homeowners ready to rebuild.



International at Columbia

The International at Columbia series allows international students a chance to informally chat with their peers over tea and snacks from around the world about a r

ASB: NYC Performing Arts

The Alternative Spring Break: New York City Performing Arts is a six-day, multidisciplinary program of events focusing on professional performing arts in New York City.  Over the course of the prog

Rate Your Winter NSOP Orientation Leader!

Is your Orientation Leader fantastic? Not so great? Let the NSOP Committee and Staff know! Our goal is to make NSOP the best it can possibly be for new students, and each year is better than the one before because of feedback we get from students like you! Your opinion can be kept completely anonymous if you like; just fill in and submit this form! Thanks!


Chapter Officer Report

What title does your chapter use for this position?
What title does your chapter use for this position?
What title does your chapter use for this position?
What title does your chapter use for this position?
What title does your chapter use for this position?
What title does your chapter use for this position?
What title does your chapter use for this position?


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