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ISOP Participant Information

Please fill out the requested information, so we can adequately prepare for you during ISOP.

We are asking this information in case you arrive late and we can check with the airlines on the arrival time.

Clone of 2012 OMA Graduation Cord Nomination Form


Presented by the Columbia Office of Multicultural Affairs, the OMA Graduation Cords are given to graduating seniors in Columbia College, the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the School of General Studies who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to diversity, social justice, and multiculturalism through the OMA, campus leadership, community involvement, academic endeavors, and/or personal dedication.


Summer Seminar

Below is the schedule for the 2014 Summer Seminar.

Graduate Assistantships

The deadline to apply for the Graduate Assistant for Leadership Development is August 7, 2012.

Click here to review the full job description. Email us with any questions.

Individual and Travel Waiver Form

Information about this form and Confidentiality Notice: This form is mandated for all students going on trips. An export of this information will be shared with the trip leader and with the student group's adviser. Please note that this form contains CONFIDENTIAL information and will be handled accordingly. Forms should only be reviewed and maintained by one designated officer of the student organization. This information will be used for information purposes only in the case of an emergency.

Insurance Information
Medical Insurance: Students participating in overnight trips associated with a student organization or administrative office are required to have adequate medical coverage. Please state below the provider and policy number of the insurance plan you will be covered by during the program period. It is the responsibility of the student to have proof of medical insurance on his/her person during the trip.
Emergency Contact Information
Please provide your in case of emergency information. This cannot be a fellow student.
As a condition of participation in the trip(s) described above, I agree and acknowledge that my participation in this trip is voluntary and that neither The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York (the "University), nor any of its agents or employees, shall have responsibility for any loss, injury, or damage incurred or suffered by me in connection with my participation in this trip(s) (including, but not limited to, any personal injury, death, or property damage), and hereby expressly waive all rights, claims, causes of action, and the like of any nature whatsoever which I or my heirs or legal representatives may have against the University or any of its agents or employees in connection with my participation in such a trip.
By typing in your full name, this will serve as your legal signature.
Date of Parent's Signature
Additional Questions
Our hope is that we can bring as many favorite snack foods for the retreat. Just let the staff know and we'll do what we can!

Common Application Information Confirmation

Thank you for completing the first step of the pre-orientation application.

You must now apply to the prog

COÖP Application Form

Columbia Outdoor Orientation Program Application Section

Welcome to the COÖP application! Let's get started. 

Applying is a 2-step process. If you have not applied using the common application first, please do so before completing the one specific for COÖP.  The deadline to apply is June 4. 


Please select which school you are enrolled. As a reminder, COÖP is only open to students enrolled in Columbia College and Columbia Engineering.
Program Preference
Please rank which programs you are most interested in doing from 1 to 3 with 1 being the highest and 3 being the lowest.

BOPpers (those in the biking program) spend the day biking on bike paths and roads with breaks for snacks, beautiful views, and long lunches. Bikers should expect riding uphill to enjoy glorious downhills. While we accept all levels, some basic biking experience is required. BOPper don't need need to be Lance Armstrong, but should be comfortable breaking, switching gears, and riding on a road.

HOPpers (those in the hiking program) go to the beautiful Catskills mountains in upstate New York (near Woodstock) and spend four days and three nights immersed in the woods, sleeping under the stars, and yodeling off the tops of mountains. HOPpers follows a strict “leave no trace” policy, which means everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) that we carry in, we also carry out. While our trails vary in difficulty, they are all still physically demanding and require a degree of physical and mental stamina. HOPpers don’t need to have previous outdoors or hiking experience, just a can-do attitude!.

ROPpers (those in the river program) canoe thirty-five miles down the Delaware River on the New York/Pennsylvania/New Jersey border for four days alongside 6-8 other freshmen and two upperclassmen leaders. You’ll also be accompanied for most of the journey by a similarly sized cross-group. As a ROPper, you will camp on islands, sandbars, and other very basic riverbank campsites, as well as encounter all the splendid sights and sounds the river has to offer. Each day involves paddling roughly 9-14 miles, followed by a meal and a fire at night. All of the food and gear you need will be carried in your canoe. ROPpers must be able to swim (a good doggy paddle suffices)!

Experience / Ability
Please keep in mind that at least half of all participants in COÖP have never had any outdoor experience and that all our leaders are trained outdoorsmen/ women. All that is required for a successful COÖP is a lot of enthusiasm and helpful hands!

On a scale of one to five (where a five means you could climb Mt. Everest blindfolded and one means that you have never left your couch) how would you rank your level of comfort in the outdoors and your athletic ability?

COÖP stands for Columbia Outdoor Orientation Program. We will be outside for 4 consecutive days becoming familiar with the glory of the wilderness. We will be away from cell phones and technology, get dirty, smelly, and tired; it’s great! How do you feel about spending this much time in nature?
COÖP is a team activity. We set up and break camp together, cook together, and keep each other company along the trail, river, or road. How do you see yourself contributing to your COÖP group’s experience this fall?
What would you do if you had one totally free day?

Live at Lerner Coordinator and Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in being a part of Live at Lerner for the 2013 - 2014 academic year.  We are always looking for volunteers to help us plan events for the Columbia community. If you are interested in being a part of Live at Lerner to help foster community in Lerner Hall and at Columbia, consider applying to be a volunteer. 

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact Josh Lucas ( or Robbie Lyman (

By checking off "I Agree" you affirm that you understand the commitment involved and will be an active participant. By checking "I Agree" you also give the university permission to check your academic and judicial records. Please understand that you must be in good standing in order to be involved with Live at Lerner.


OMA Graduation Cord Ceremony

Please enter your name as you would like printed in the program.
If attending, please provide the phonetic spelling of your name. We will be calling up each recipient to receive their cord during the ceremony.


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