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Columbia University Mediation Clinic Referral

Disputes, conflicts, and complaints are a normal part of university life. Mediation allows parties in a dispute to control the outcomes of their conflicts. Mediation can work well for people who want to avoid the stress and inflexibility of more formal procedures or for people who need to continue working relationships. Many kinds of conflicts can be resolved successfully through mediation.

Please list the names and unis of any student involved in this conflict.
I understand that mediation is a voluntary process. I also understand that it is confidential, with limited exceptions (e.g. credible threats of imminent harm) that will be fully reviewed prior to the mediation.

ASB: NYC Performing Arts 2014 Application

The Alternative Spring Break: New York City Performing Arts will be a six-day, multidisciplinary program of events focusing on professional performing arts in New York City.  Over the course of the six days, participants will attend 5-6 quality performances spanning the disciplines of theatre, music, and dance.  As well, we will have a professional performing arts group in residence on campus during this time and participants in the ASB will participate in workshops and view their process.  We also anticipate attending talkbacks from leading practitioners and workshops cove

On Campus Performing Arts Experience
Please list below the specific events/concerts/productions in which you have been involved on campus, which student group sponsored each, in which semester they took place and your role in each. There is room for 8 events, you need not fill all 8, however if you have more than 8, please select those which demonstrate the widest range of your experiences.
Experience 1
Experience 2
Experience 3
Experience 4
Your answer to the above question will have no bearing on your acceptance into the program.

GHD Intent to Return 2014-2015

Current GHDs that will still be full-time students in the 2014-2015 academic year are eligble to return as GHDs, pending performance of the 2013-2014 academic year.

Please fill out the following Intent to Return  no later than Tuesday, January 21, 2014. 


RA Evaluation Materials


RA Master Application Summary

Please use bullet points for your summary.
Please use bullet points for your summary.

George Vincent Wendell Memorial Medal 2014

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Each year, the graduating class of The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science selects the recipient of the George Vincent Wendell Memorial Medal. Faculty have nominated one student from each department who they believe best exemplifies the qualities and characteristics of George Vincent Wendell.


CC Seniors Select Recipients of 2014 Brainard, Rolker, and Alumni Prizes

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Each year, the graduating class of Columbia College selects the recipients of the Alumni, Brainard, and Rolker prizes. In December, members of the Columbia community were invited to nominate students for these awards. Each eligible nominee was then asked to submit a resume and personal statement for consideration. Applications were received from many outstanding students after which three finalists were chosen for each award.


Thanksgiving Break Program Evaluation

Thank you for hosting programming during the Thanksgiving Break supplemented by the Office of International Student Programming and Services. We hope you found the funding useful to carry out your program and appreciate receiving feedback about your event.

Contact Information
(First and Last)
(ex. CC '14, SEAS '15)
Please include both Name and UNI of anyone you worked with
Event Information
(With address if known)
Enter your best estimate of the exact number of attendees who participated in the majority of the program. (If someone stopped by for a few minutes, please do not count this number in your total.) Do not enter a numeric range as we will ask for a specific number when we follow-up.
This should include an itemized list and actual cost of each expenditure so we can determine the true cost of your event versus your initial proposal.

Resident Adviser Recommendation Form



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