1) Publicity/promotional items
2) Programming
3) Fundraiser/donation
4) HD Radio

1) Publicity/promotional items
1. To whom may I address ...

    a. gig announcements and press releases? 

Gig announcements and Press Releases can be sent to the head of the department(s) to which they are relevant (eg: for Classical Department Head) via email or our street mailing address. Department heads and Board members are listed on our Contact Us page along with their department email addresses. 
     b. PSAs? 

We do not currently air PSAs.

2. I want to make sure [blank] got the [blank] that I sent. What do I do? 

If the person you are looking for does not have an email address on the Contact Us page, send your question to the email address of their department heads.  The department head will forward the information to the appropriate person.

3. What's your fax number?

We currently do not receive faxes. If you have time-sensitive material, email it to the appropriate department head or mail it to us at WKCR/ Columbia University/ New York, NY 10027.

4. How do I get in touch with [so & so]? 

The best way to reach staff is via email. If the person you are trying to reach is not a Head or Board Member, include the programmer's name at the top of the message in your mail/email to the programmer's department head. The department head will forward it along to them. On the other hand, if you hear the person you're trying to reach on-air, that might be a good time to call. However, the programmer might be busy with on-air programming, so please be understanding if he/she cannot receive all of your calls. 
5. I'd like to get my client on your station as an interview guest. Whom should I contact? 

Via email, contact the Head of the department(s) you think would be the best fit for your client, and if they think your client is a good match for our station, they will offer the interview opportunity to their DJs.  Please do not call the station looking for a department head! Not all staff are in the station during the day and email contact is much easier to keep track of our busy station officers. 
6. Whom do I talk to about advertising on your station? 

We do not air any advertisements since we are a registered non-commercial radio station. But we do offer publicity for events relevant to our programming content. For more information about the departments, view the specific department pages.

7. Where can I get a WKCR T-shirt? 

WKCR T-shirts are not presently available but we're working towards it. Thanks for your patience!

8. I think WKCR might be interested in my product. Whom should I call? 

Don't call, please email the board!  

9. I'd like to donate my record collection to WKCR.

Please email the department heads that play the materials you would like to donate.  They manage all new library materials.

10. Where do I send my new record? How do I make sure it gets played on air?

You can send materials to be considered for airplay to our mailing address: WKCR c/o (the name of the department(s) that may be interested)/ Columbia University/ New York, NY 10027. Department Heads listen to records, cd's and tapes sent in to their department and select some submissions to be added to the record library for airplay. Ultimately, each programmer decides what to play on his or her show. Unlike many other radio stations, we do not keep statistic on the number of times a specific song or CD has been played.
11. I don't know which department to send my CD to. Who should I contact?

Please check out the individual department pages which specify the type of music. If yet unsure, you could address the mail to the Program Director.
12: I recently won tickets during an on-air giveaway and need more information.

We do not have a single clearinghouse for managing ticket giveaways; it'll be best to follow up with the DJ (see 1.4).
13: Why didn't I get a reply to my e-mail?

Hopefully we're working on it and you'll hear from us soon - often our station officers are busy attending to programming matters. Thank you for your patience!
2) Programming

1. What song was playing at [x time]?

You should be able to find this information by clicking on the Playlist tab. These are organized in the order that each show aired. You may also the drop-down tabs and column headings to filter by program, DJ, or department. If you do not see the playlist you are looking for, please email our department heads for questions and comments about programming. They will forward your message on to the DJ who was on air.  If you're not sure which show you were listening to, you can get that information on our schedule.  You could also try to catch the programmer while he or she is on air at 212-854-9920. Please note again that often our programmers who would be the person to field your inquiry is busy handling the show; your call may not be answered (swiftly). Thank you for your understanding.

2. To whom should I address my comments about your programming? 

Please mail/email your comments to the specific departments. If unsure about the specific departments, you could check out our schedule which shows the time, show and day.
3. How can I get a show on WKCR?

WKCR is run by undergraduates at Columbia University, so we only accept new programmers from Columbia University.

4. Why can't I get your signal on my [listening device]?

Our streaming online is subject to occasional breakdowns that may cause limited access to one or both streams. Our FM service is more constant, but of course covers only the geographic area for which we are licensed to broadcast.

5. I'd like to make a request. What do I do?  

Call in to our listener line: 212-854-9920.  Not all DJs will take requests, but this is the best way to reach them and find out.

6. Do you podcast? Is there archived material? Can I get a CD of a radio show?

Unfortunately, as a station we do not at present have a station policy to podcast or regularly archive our programs online.  However, you may find that the particular show you are looking for has some materials online.  Check out the department page on our website, or for more recent materials, contact the department head. We cannot offer hard copies of our programming. 
7.  I tuned in for my favorite show and heard something else instead. Why?

WKCR is proud of our high-level programming in our daily and weekly shows, but there are also annual and seasonal schedules - like pre-emptive unique broadcasts, eg. festivals or memorial broadcasts - that might cause your favorite programs to be derailed momentarily.

 Sometimes there is illegal interference on our frequency, known as "pirate radio." If you think the content you are hearing is not part of WKCR's broadcasting at all, but is rather being sent out by a pirate radio station, please file a report with the FCC.  You can fill out a form on the FCC website, found here: https://www.fcc.gov/complaints.  Choose  "Broadcast (TV and Radio), Cable, and Satellite Issues," then "Unauthorized, unfair, biased, illegal broadcasts...", and choose the method through which you would like to file the complaint.  Thanks for helping us take action against this issue. 

3) Fundraiser/donation

1. How can I make a contribution to WKCR?

You can make a contribution on our pledge page.

2. I've made a contribution to the station and would like to follow up on the status of my gift.

Please contact Ben Young and or board@wkcr.org for more information.

3. Why does it say "Giving to Columbia" on the pledge page?

All contributions to WKCR are processed through Columbia, but they are ultimately directed to the station's accounts.


4) HD Radio

As of 2012, WKCR broadcasts in the radio format called HD— the expanded radio technology once known as Hybrid Digital. While we continue analog broadcasts at 89.9 FM, and internet streaming of our signal, we also offer the same programming in a high-quality, static-free, digital version, accessible through HD radios and apps. The upgrade has been made possible through assistance with radio station WWFM, which transmits a full schedule of classical music programs on “sister” station, 89.9 HD2.

1. Is HD replacing your regular broadcasts? Do I need to purchase a different radio to listen to WKCR?

You can still listen to WKCR exactly as you have—on your FM radio or online; however, to hear the improved HD signal, you will need an HD radio. You can also find accessories for iPods, portable HD radio players, or apps for iPhones that turn those devices into HD radio receivers. Click here for a buyer’s guide to HD radios, accessories, and apps.

2. What’s the advantage of HD?

HD broadcasts our signal with greater clarity. Our HD transmitter sends a digital signal, along with our analog signal. An HD signal is immune to reception interference. Free of the static that you may hear on FM, an HD signal will sound as clear as CD. Click here to learn more about HD features in general.

3. Isn’t that the same as Satellite Radio?

No. HD radio is still a local broadcast, coterminous with the broadcast radius of local FM stations. The generic programming you hear on satellite radio is designed for worldwide consumption and dispersed from a satellite.

4. After I buy an HD radio, do I need to pay a subscription fee?

No. Unlike satellite radio, HD is free.

5. How can WKCR and WWFM be on the same HD radio frequency?

HD Radio allows for sending simultaneously completely different levels of broadcasting. With your HD tuner, you can choose to listen to WKCR on HD1 or WWFM on HD2.

Happy listening!