Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement: Residential Programs fosters safe and inclusive living and learning environments beyond the classroom to holistically develop responsible global citizens.

Vision: To Involve.  To Inspire.  To Transform.


Engagement:   We encourage intellectual and interpersonal connections within the residential community and beyond.

Development:  We endorse healthy life balance that encompasses nurturing the mind, body, and spirit in order to maximize potential.

Responsibility:  We seek to develop community members who live their values, are accountable to self and others, and reflect on the impact of their actions and behaviors.

Inclusivity:  We foster recognition of commonalities and differences across a spectrum of identities and seek the perspectives not present in our pursuit of shared understanding.

Learning:  We celebrate all experiences as opportunities for education by embracing inquiry and discourse to promote transformational growth.

Learning Goals

Wellness: Students will make choices that promote physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Diversity:  Students will recognize similarities, understand how personal and cultural identity shapes perspective, and incorporate differences into decision-making and actions.

Accountability: Students will demonstrate behaviors reflecting an understanding of how individual choice impacts self and community.

Community: Students will develop a sense of engagement and mattering.


Our staff partners with Housing Services and Public Safety to ensure the undergraduate residence halls offer an unforgettable living experience within New York City. We also work closely with the Center for Student AdvisingCounseling and Psychological ServicesHealth Services, and Judicial Affairs and Community Standards to provide a continual web of challenge and support for our students. 

To learn more about the comprehensive programs and services within our residential communities, we encourage you to continue to explore our website. 

Residential Programs


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