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Thank you for your interest in Days on Campus. At this time we have filled our volunteer positions. Stay tuned for future involvement opportunities from Parent & Family Programs.


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Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Our COLUMBIA 101 sessions take place in New York City and across the country, and parents play a key role in helping us to welcome the Class of 2018.

Parent and Family Email Address Update Form

To help you and your family stay connected to Columbia University and Parent and Family Programs, keep us informed when you change your preferred email address!

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Student and Alumni Programs

Student- Alumni Programs bridges the gap between life as a student and life after graduation, while helping students build deep connections that will make Columbia feel like home.

CU in California

Class of 2017, we cannot wait to "CU" in California!

January 10 - San Francisco, CA

January 13 - Los Angeles, CA

Academic Integrity Presentation Request Form

Columbia University faculty, staff, and students may utilize this webform to request an academic integrity presentation for their organization, course, or department.

Requests are typically processed within five business days and are granted based on availability. A staff member will contact you via email if there is a schedule conflict and/or upon approval.

(e.g., technology, multiple sessions, etc.)

Request Access to Turnitin

Columbia University faculty, staff, and students may utilize this webform to request access to Turnitin. Please do not use this form to request administrator access.

Requests will be processed within two business days. Upon completion, account registration instructions will be sent to you via email from Turnitin. If you do not receive an email within two business days of submitting your request, please contact


Disciplinary Records and Certifications

Disciplinary records maintained by the Office of Judicial Affairs and Community Standards are subject to the Family Educational


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