Upcoming Events

Sat, 30 Aug 2014, 8:00am

WKCR is saddened to announce the departure of Eastern Standard Time regular host, Carter Van Pelt. Carter has been hosting the Saturday reggae show seven years ago and has been sharing every week  his knowledge and love of the music for the pleasure of all of our listeners. He will be hosting his last show on Saturday, August 30th so tune in one last time to hear Carter Van Pelt on Eastern Standard Time! All of WKCR staff wishes him...

Sun, 31 Aug 2014, 11:00pm

This Sunday's In All Languages program will focus on exploring a variety of forms of Tibetan music, ranging from Buddhist ritual music, to opera, to contemporary recordings by Tibetan artists in exile. We will begin by listening to recordings of Buddhist rites performed by Tibetan monks in Bhutan, followed by a selection of other examples of Buddhist chants. About halfway through the program we will shift our focus to Tibetan opera,...

Recent Events

Mon, 25 Aug 2014, 6:00pm

"I wouldn't be here if not for Don Cherry." Tonight Karl Berger and Mitch Goldman put the pocket trumpeter in Deep Focus with music you've never heard.

Mon, 25 Aug 2014, 3:00pm

Tune in at 3PM this Monday, August 25th, as we are joined by John Zorn and Erik Friedlander for our Afternoon New Music program. They will join us to speak about Zorn's upcoming week at the Village Vanguard, where he will be playing at the legendary venue for the first time. Zorn is a prolific composer and performer who has had a prolific and diverse career in jazz, classical, and avant-garde music. Zorn has been a friend of WKCR for many years, since making his first recordings at our

Sun, 24 Aug 2014, 11:00pm

Tune in to this week IAL show as we will be looking at chinese classical music through several orchestral pieces. Chinese classical music draws its roots in the music played in royal courts using specific instruments such as the Yangquin or the Shen. Chinese classical music re-emerged in the 20th century after taking on the structure of the Western Orchestra. Most of the pieces evoque a story, often linked to folkolric legends or narrating major historical events.


Beginning Wednesday, August 27, WKCR will have a three-day festival dedicated to the music of tenor saxophonist Lester "Prez" Young, and alto saxophonist Charlie "Bird" Parker. The 27th marks Prez's birthday, and the 29th, Bird's. On Thursday, August 28th we will play both Prez and Bird interchangeably throughout the day.

Early in Lester Young’s career, he spent time in Kansas City, making huge connections as a sideman in bands. In 1933, Young left Walter Page’s Blue Devils, and went