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CUSP Summer Enhancement Fellowships


The CUSP Summer Enhancement Fellowship is a competitive grant that assists Scholars in securing structured research opportunities (including research-related activities such as conferences, symposia, travel, publications, etc.), unpaid or low-paying summer internships (in line with the Program's mission and the student's academic trajectory), Independent research projects, and paid internships in Engineering firms through the CUSP-ACEC partnership.

Encouraging interdisciplinary career exploration and building upon Scholars' developing academic interests, the fellowship is specifically designed to allow Scholars to pursue these critical experiences as early as their first summer.

By contributing financially to the exploration of academic questions and social issues through well-defined and formally-presented research projects and internships, this fellowship fosters intellectual curiosity, the clarification of ideas and beliefs, an enhanced sense of participation in the academic community, and the opportunity to contribute to the community at large.

Scholars must be in good standing with the CUSP Program to apply. Applications will be evaluated by a Selection committee based on their overall fulfillment of the selection criteria. Incomplete applications and candidates who do not meet the criteria will not be considered.

All Scholars receiving the CUSP Summer Enhancement Fellowship will be required to blog about their experiences over the summer, present the results of their research or internship experience at a fall Symposium and submit a budget reconciliation and an abstract to the CUSP Office at the end of the summer.

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